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What is Pan-Roasted Artisan Coffee? And who is Shaun Oster?

In a world filled with coffee snobbery, I am no exception. Except (lol) that I am a chef and a jazz musician; I did not follow any standard path of strictly adhering to handed down knowledge in order to preserve the egos of people that did this before me. In truth I detest that notion, that we should not make our own mistakes and learn things for ourselves. I’m happy to take other people’s wisdom into consideration.

I fell into love with coffee and roasting fairly accidentally. I just used good old fashioned trial and error to acquire most of my skill at roasting. Ethiopians are probably the most knowledgeable culture on earth when it comes to coffee. And guess what? They pan roast it. Usually just enough for the guest coming to drink it. Bears consideration eh?

Anyway, I have not tasted anything better (yet) than what I thoughtfully, carefully roast. I use a pan, flame and a olive wood spoon. Taste for yourself, and decide for yourself. I only do this because its fun, and life is too short not to do your best at what you love.