What is Pan-Roasted Artisan Coffee? And who is Shaun Oster?

Pan roasting coffee, although seemingly primitive, is really the only way to have truly infinite variability in your roasting. What that means is that with extreme practice, the person roasting can use their intuition and experience to really read where the bean needs to be roasted. The combination of sight, smell, and sound guides me to create a near 6th sense (intuition) to roasting my coffee right to where it needs to be. No it’s not always perfect. But sometimes it is so good that I understand what life is really all about.

Who am I? That’s the ageless question isn’t it? I am a chef, a musician, a programmer, and an inventor. I am reputable in all of the claimed expertise’s.  I never really was interested in coffee until I accidentally made the best I had ever tasted. And it keeps getting better and better. Nobody taught me to roast, I taught myself and stumbled into many new and unorthodox ways of roasting to what I view as perfection.

Remember that Seinfeld episode about the soup guy, who screams “GET OUT” when you complain or ask too many questions? Well that’s me except with coffee.  I hope you are open to the experience I have to offer as it really has uplifted my living experience, and that of many others.

And if not, “GET OUT!” Heheheh.

-Shaun Oster


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